Programme and multi platform sponsorship is a highly effective method for a brand to promote a product, service or organisation by association whether that be on air, online or on mobile. Good sponsorship can provide effective cut-through and highly targeted communications to specific viewing audiences.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for specific programme(s) or a series, blocks and segments - on TV and on the STV Player. Indeed, the entire television channel and the STV Player can also be sponsored. These options can offer maximum exposure for a brand.

As STV’s range of content expands its reach through the development of new platforms and channels there is a greater than ever commitment to creating relevant Scottish programming and the range of sponsorship opportunities that we offer grows with it.

Programmes can be sponsored at any stage during the programme making process, for example at commissioning stage or after a programme is produced. Plus, an advertiser can directly fund the production of the editorial content (an advertiser funded programme). STV’s One Minute Ad-Funded Programmes also continue to be an extremely popular option for sponsors.

What’s more, with our ability to acquire programming internationally, there is an opportunity to associate your brand with acquired programmes that will reach your target market and meet your marketing objectives.

It needn’t be a creative or technical challenge either. Our team, headed by Debbie.Robinson and working closely with our award winning sponsor credit bumpers production team and short form programme makers, STV Creative and our in house legal and compliance advisors.

STV Creative can create compliant sponsorship bumbers to your brief; if need be very quickly, cost effectively and highly creatively. (STV Creative sponsorship bumpers for Scottish Leader’s STV Sports News won the award for best TV campaign at the 2009 Scottish Advertising Awards.)

For further information, or to have an outline discussion about the possibilities available for sponsorship at STV contact Debbie Robinson on 0207 931 3383 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

For information on how to create powerful and engaging sponsorship credits contact Stephen O’Donnell on 0141 300 4380 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)