Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Online display advertising

As our range of online advertising platforms and websites grows the number of advertising opportunities in what is known as display advertising grows too. Display advertising takes three forms.

The Leaderboard

The leaderboard measures 728 x 90 pixels and runs at the top of every page across the STV sites


An MPU measures 300 x 250 pixels and runs in the middle of all pages across the STV sites.

The Skyscraper

Skyscrapers measure 120 x 600 pixels and run on the homepage of STV.

The Billboard

The Billboard measures 970 x 250 pixels and runs at the top of every page across the STVsites.

Pre/Mid/Post Rolls

Video on Demand campaigns runbefore, during and after all video content across the STV sites and STV Player across all platforms.

Advertising Rates

The current advertising rates* for STV display advertising are as follows:

  • Leaderboard: £8.0 CPM
  • MPU: £10.0 CPM
  • Skyscraper: £6.0 CPM
  • HPU: £20.0 CPM
  • Billboard: £30.0 CPM
  • Pre-Roll: £30.0 CPM
  • Wallpaper: £40 CPM

If you would like a quote for a digital campaign or to check availability please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

*Costs may vary depending on availability at time of booking.


Campaign cost calculator

To calculate the cost of a campaign please use the campaign calculator below:

Ad Unit
Total Cost (£)

Please note, this function is for illustrative purposes only and the results do not represent an official quote. Campaigns may only be booked via a signed Insertion Order.