Commercial production

Commercial production

Getting the message right before you start

Projecting the correct message is the key to a successful campaign. The STV Creative department will ensure that we get your commercial message across clearly and effectively, whether that be through advertising, sponsorship credits, video on demand or programming.

In order to help us create the content of the commercial and other content you will need to consider the following;

Who is my target audience?

Consumers or trade?

What am I trying to achieve?

Increased sales?
Launch a new product?
Expand into a new areas?
Create a more positive image?

What is the most important message you need to get across?

Quality/reliability of service?
Value for money?
Sale offers?

Are there any practical considerations?

Should you have a business address, telephone number or URL featured in your commercial or other content?

Making the commercial (or other content)

Once we have jointly agreed your creative brief and you are happy with the resulting script we can proceed with production. First we will cost out the production to make sure that it can be made within a pre-agreed budget.

Whilst you might fancy yourself as the next Hollywood director, jetting off to the Bahamas to make a 20 second film will probably cost more than your airtime campaign, so we make sure that we work within an achievable and realistic budget.

But don’t worry, the best films don’t have to cost the earth. Getting your message across effectively can be achieved for a very modest amount. Just look at some of the award winning work that has been created by STV Creative in recent years for less than you might imagine.

Above all, remember that at each stage of the process you will be guided by our award winning creative team, making sure that your experience of TV advertising is not only successful but enjoyable too!


Although every project we handle is unique and individual, in general, the process of producing a TV commercial follows the same pattern. Typical turnaround from initial meeting to ‘on-air’ would be 4 to 6 weeks*, but if you are coming to us late in the day we can turn things round a lot quicker to make sure you don’t miss your chance to make your mark.

We are equally happy to work directly with clients or through their respective creative/marketing agencies and, in fact, we have worked with most of the leading Scottish creative agencies at some time or other.

*All television advertisments must be cleared for transmission. Clearcast clears commercials for the main broadcasters such as STV, ITV, Channels 4 & 5 and Sky. STV Creative can facilitate clearance for you. Clearcast generally processes scripts within ten working days.