The Power of television

Imagine a Scotland without Coronation Street. What would we be talking, or reading, about if there were no X Factor moments, no Dancing on Ice slips and trips, an end to Britain’s Got Talent’s endless stream of showstoppers or a jungle-free television schedule with Ant and Dec nowhere to be seen? And what if satellite TV gobbled up The Champions League, or, if daily life no longer included STV News.

What would this mean for advertisers? Not only would Scottish life be very different and far less interesting, but it would also be considerably more difficult, and ultimately more expensive, to create the sort of reach and stand out that those businesses that choose STV have come to expect.

Unrivalled audience reach

STV delivers advertising events like no other medium in Scotland. It’s what drives the ‘Talk of the Steamie’ the morning after in workplaces and homes across the country. One week’s advertising on STV at a standard weight* will deliver up to 2 million viewers. That’s almost the combined reach of every Scottish newspaper and knocks commercial radio into touch.

And don’t think for a moment that STV is purely the domain of the big boys. Small and medium sized businesses, like butchers, bakers and dentists, take advantage of our regional transmitters to deliver campaigns in their local markets and our multi-award-winning production team at STV Creative write and produce commercials for budgets that really wouldn’t make your eyes water.

More effective

TV is the most effective at shaping consumers decisions, 84% of consumers believe TV advertising is most likely to influence their buying decisions

STV is the most watched peak time channel broadcasting in Scotland outperforming BBC 1. On average STV delivers a 32% of peak time viewing share across commercial channels reaching 3.5 times more viewers than CH4, 5 times more that CH5 and 16 times the audience of SKY1.**

* 100TVRs
** (source: Doloitter, Jan 09 and BARB, 2011 1800 - 22.50 )